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A child feels everything and so do you!

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A child feel everything But so do you!

Children feel everything you feel. -Change your attitude?! ”you can do whatever you want”, you ever heard this? But it didn´t feel right. Maybe you couldn´t change how you feelt. Maybe you deep inside didnt want to do it ”that” way, and maybe you feelt like this because your intuition was speaking through you, not to. Ofcourse theres a big conflict inside and your child feels it. Maybe you feel this way because your life plan should be in another way. And spirit try to gets his voice heard.

So be brave and follow your heart. Yes, one of the best things you can do for your child is to feel good in yourself. But does it really end here?....No, i dont think so... Because as a mother, as a women I also have a inner voice, an inner goddess and intuition that would like to fullfill his soulplan. So if it doesnt feel right, it probably isn´t. So make your decision in life out of what feels best for you and your family. In the end it´s you that stand in your shoes. Brush your teeth´s every morning etc etc.

Try to make yourself happy, do not feel guilty. Make decisions out of love. And always listen to your inner voice, it speaks through you, and in stillness your can here it.

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