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Hi dear, 

My name is Erika Hägglund and I love working as a healer, massagetherapist and meditation teacher for women to release pain and exhaustion.

I have worked a lot with writing together with my body-mind business - I do love writing meditations & to record them, which I have done in my wellness business since 2011.

I have worked with wellness and spirituality both in Sweden and in Ireland where I ended up in radio with my business HealingYou and I have a lot of experience in pain and releasing pain.

I would probably see myself as a "discoverer of the world" & have worked as PR and translator as well as entertainer (presented shows in 4 languages) at Gloria Palace in Gran Canaria, here the fantastic with language & communication was awaken, as well as my passion & creativity in life.

I love being creative,  with my daughter and with my partner, -painting, long walks & bike rides in nature,

laughter &  conversations with family & friends, personal development and writing meditations & recording that I use in my business Women's healing.

I live in beautiful Värmland in Sweden.

I offer distance healingmeditations and group healing on a distance, wherever you are in the world.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Erika Hägglund

Release healing
/ spiritual remote healing

distance session with spiritual (energy) healing


Lift your energy & get release with energy healing & visualization as well as a healing message


Releasing blocks.


Energy healing for release & joy. Transform lower energies within you - cleanse energy from internal or external factors, - shift & find your power within you.

Spiritual  Distance healing - The frequency of harmony, joy & to get release, let go of blockages & tension is channeled for 30 minutes

(+ feedback via email or audio)


Feel free to make the moment a moment of Self-Care, & to put on some relaxing music and maybe light a beautiful candle


After the channeling I send an email with feedback with where the healing went in your body along with a visualization (which is a link you can easily click & listen to as often as you need).


​Don't forget to send photo of you (it’s enough with a portrait)-  for me to tune into your energy



If you wish, I can also draw an angel card with healing messages for you, which I photograph & send to you.



Single occasion


30 min + feedback via email /feedback min/ 35 euro

(Payment via PayPal before the session starts)

Spiritual energy healing -



During 20 minutes, I am a channel for spiritual healing for the group at a distance, - where I also put in your name in the healing intention.

After the spiritual energy healing session I will send a healing feedback of what I experienced during the healing session, via email, to the group.

Cost; 13 euros

+ a private email with a private healing message from the angel cards

(Payment via PayPal)

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About Spiritual healing


"When you first accept the colors about who you are - despite everything life & people sad about you, can youre inner landscape bloom -

& paint the true picture of who you truly are, - & you can find youre inner & outer gold. 

You are worthy, you are enough, just as you are, in this moment."

-Erika Hägglund

Spiritual healer, how?

A spiritual healer is someone who in treatment uses their higher self  and has psychic knowledge, healing qualities and insights into psychological and energetic structures in and around our body. A person who can hold a "sacred space" energetically for their client. Unconditional love is what the healer receives and channels.


During a spiritual healing, you balance the physical, emotional and mental and assume that these are interconnected.


Healing is a good option for stress reduction and helps the body to self-heal.



Everything in the entire universe is energy vibrating at its own frequency. Erika is a certified Psychic coach and Certified Spiritual healer via Lovisa Månson and has several different educations in health & wellness. - In the training to Cert.Spiritual healer and the training to Cert. Medial coach, they worked with everything from Spiritual healing, - chakra balancing, skeletal healing, chakra massage, energy replenishment, pain-relieving healing, healing conversation and development of themselves, worked with their inner child, inner critics as well as the chakra system as well as performed treatments and guidance (medial coaching).


Erika has worked internationally with healing & massage & is a clairvoyant & clairvoyant Spiritual energy healer.



Insight into blockages, how?


During the energy healing, Erika feels in her body as tensions that releases where the client has blockages.

The energy helps you release energy blockages to get in touch with your light & power.


The healer is guided to places in your body where you need healing, and sometimes, if you need it, an explanation of what the problem consists of, for example trauma, values, ideas, images, etc., that prevent you from live fully.


Although you as the client have full responsibility for your health, it is the healer, the client and a higher power that interact through the steps of healing, teamwork!

The healer acts as a channel, a tool for the spirit world. The energy frequency used is from a higher consciousness, from the spiritual world.


The energy helps to reduce imbalances and blockages.

Spirituality and mediumship are not a religion but a philosophy of life after death. To become a good healer, a longer period of "inner cleansing" is required, a prerequisite so that the energy can be channeled and transferred. The method is a calm form. And is usually received as very harmonious.


After a session you can feel tired, calm and sometimes frozen, there are many processes that start in your body!

The healer helps the client to balance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.



Everything is energy, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.



Spiritual energy healing how?


A liver is just a liver and has its own frequency. Each organ vibrates at its own frequency, and together they form the symphony that is you! Thoughts and feelings are also energy.

If you have experienced things in life that you cannot let go of, this can lead to blockages in your body, maybe in a muscle or an organ. If many muscles or organs are disturbed, we lose the symphony. This can lead to disease and stress, physically and emotionally.

The spiritual healer works here with the view that the body, mind and spirit are one.

Healing should be seen as a complement to healthcare, not instead of healthcare.


Healing is a loving energy that helps you let go of heavy energy & blockages. Helps you find your way into your true self where dormant gifts want to make themselves heard. Unconditional love is what the healer channels to you, for your highest good.

Do you have a feeling that you are stuck and want to move on? Healing can help you leave the old & face the new that is trying to find its way into you. Are you suffering from tension or stress? Healing works equally well remotely and flows through Erika to you & is provided through her healing guides. Just as our physical bodies can sometimes need a boost or help, it is the same with our energy body.


Our energy centers (known as chakras) can become blocked, and out of balance from internal or external factors.

This will eventually manifest in our physical body & if we do not clear this energy, it can be difficult to heal our mind & physical body.

You can also contact me via instagram; womens_healing_

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