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Translation & subtitling 

I make your swedish and english subtitles!

I specialize in communication.

- subtitles, (Both the transcribing, captions, subtitles or / & translation.)

Interviews, stories, research videos, meetings, podcasts, webinars, marketing videos, & educational videos.

With experience over a decade in the wellness industry, I know the nuances of body, mind, soul & spirit 

Subtitles (captions- transcription - translation) 

& translation experience; 

[psychology] [research] [Leadership] [Selfcompassion]

[wellness][climate change][psychologist’s handbook]

[E-book][podcasts][Spirituality][wellness][Personal development] [Articles / Blogposts] [innovation][Life coaching][transcription][meditation writer & voice][marketing][Healthcare][commercial][webpage][articles][entertainment]

SINCE 2018


e-book. - The wise woman coaching series

By world famousCynthia Occelli


English - swedish 

Norweigan - English 

I would be happy to assist you with your 

Translation or subtitles (swedish or english  text to your videos)

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